Who We Are

Our Association

Distribution Contractors Association is a 501 (c) 6 non-profit, professional trade organization formed in 1961 to facilitate the exchange of information related to the construction and maintenance of gas distribution pipeline systems throughout the United States. Our members over the years have evolved into turnkey utility contractors that operate at all levels of utility construction and directional drilling.

DCA serves as a link between its members, government agencies, organized labor and other industry organizations. Through its many programs, committees and organized events, DCA also offers its members professional recognition and the opportunity to serve this specialized facet of the underground construction industry.

Our Members

DCA maintains the reputation of a tight-knit family. By contributing their time, experience and insights, in developing new ideas, techniques and equipment, members add greatly to the value of the association.

Membership is open to all companies in gas distribution and mainline construction, but also engaged in horizontal directional drilling, telecom and fiber optics, water and pipeline rehabilitation work.

DCA is proud of its excellent relationship with organized labor and is respected as a leader and a voice for the contractor members that participate in our collective bargaining and national distribution agreements. However, membership in the association does not imply signatory status or obligate open shop contractors to our national agreements.

Membership in DCA is evidence of a distribution contractor’s commitment to quality workmanship and cost-effective, safe construction. Our members promote and abide by the highest standards in the industry and view safety as paramount.

Join DCA Today!

DCA is a gathering of the best in the business, union and non-union, suppliers and providers, gas distribution and other utilities. It is a gathering of quality contractors and associates working together to deliver superior value to the natural gas and underground utility industry.

Through the years DCA members have become family to each other. Lifelong friendships and relationships built upon trust and cooperation have truly made DCA the leading industry association that it is today.

To discuss the benefits of membership in the Distribution Contractor Association, contact us through the CONTACT US button above, by phone, email or the application on JOIN US page.

Top Ten Reasons to Join DCA:

10.   News                  We will provide you with up to date industry information through DCA News and Insights, eNews, Benchmarks and our Annual Directory. Through our web site www.dcaweb.org you receive members only access to industry news, toolbox talks, committee updates and event registration

9.     Growth               Be one of an active and growing membership with over 70 contractors and 130 associate members. Membership has seen net growth of nearly 40% in the past five years and attendance is at record levels at all DCA events.

8.     Outreach            Participate in our community outreach programs through higher education and trade school scholarships, humanitarian grants, and labor trusts and funds that promote the industry and benefit the membership and their employees.

7.     Serve                   Committee membership opportunities allow you to immediately serve on one of five committees (HDD, Safety/Risk Management, Government Relations, Membership and Workforce Development) that are continually working to improve and resolve issues that are pressing to the membership and the association. DCA committees are addressing the needs of Trenchless Technologies and HDD, Cross Bore Awareness, Portability of Operator Qualification, and Workforce Development.

6.     Industry               DCA is active in promoting the industry and recognizing quality, safety, best practices and leadership. DCA has developed close working relationships with utilities and the associations that represent them, including AGA and the regional gas associations and the equipment manufacturers and distributors.

5.     Benchmarks        You will receive exclusive benchmarking of contractor equipment purchasing patterns. DCA contractors spend hundreds of millions of dollars on equipment purchases and rentals of trucks to trenchers.

4.     Safety                    Join a strong and active safety program with nationally recognized Safety Congress, safety related speakers and industry safety benchmarks and awards. At DCA safety is our top priority.

3.     Advocacy              Be active in our federal advocacy program with participation in industry alliances and coalitions advancing the legislative agenda of the underground construction industry. Participate in Washington, D.C. Fly-ins to educate and promote the issues that affect the industry.

2.     Learn                     Get top-notch education at DCA meetings - the DCA Annual Convention, the family-oriented Mid Year Meeting and the business-centric Fall Meeting as well as the joint DCA & AGA Utility Contractor Workshop and the Safety Congress, designed by and for safety directors and professionals. Participate in DCA sponsored education sessions at industry trade shows including UCT, CON-EXPO, ICUEE, AGA and others.

1.     Access                    Through DCA you will have access to the top executives and decision makers of our contractor members and our associate member suppliers. Network and interact with your peers in a specialized segment of the underground construction industry.