HDD Committee

Charge: To support safety, training, technical developments, and voluntary operational guidelines that sustain professional practices and contractors in the area of HDD. The committee also helps to coordinate a DCA session for conferences such as UCT (Underground Construction Technology) and ICUEE (International Construction Utility Equipment Expo).

Composition: The Chairs of each committee are appointed by the President at the Mid Year Meeting. The Vice Chairs are appointed by the Chair at the Mid Year Meeting. The position of chair and vice chair alternate every two years between regular members and associate members. Members of the committee are self selecting, though the President can appoint members to the committee.

Mission Statement of the Committee – To promote the use and education of Horizontal Directional Drilling as a viable, safe and environmentally friendly construction method. This will be accomplished by supporting safety & environmental training, technical development, and good practices guidelines that sustain professional productive contractors.

2016 Achievements:

Presentation by Kevin Self of Ditch Witch on the study conducted on drill mud disposal by Oklahoma State University. Significant work and advancements are being made to bring a financial proposal to the DCA Board requesting funding to further the study over a multi-year period.

DCA panel at UCT show presented on HDD Risk Mitigation and Proper Project Execution during the UCT Event on February 3rd.

Represented the committee at Utility Contractor Workshop with the American Gas Association (AGA). Workshop included panel discussions on operator qualification, changes in worksite procedure, contractor oversight and first and second party damage prevention.

Represented the DCA during ICUEE via class room presentation of “Don’t Be Haunted by Crossbores: Industry Takes Action”.

2017 Goals and Objectives:

Assist Government Relations Committee on Cross Bore initiative.

Organize representatives from HDD Committee to join in DC fly ins.

Promotion of new products to increase DCA HDD member’s Safety & Productivity.

Presentation of Drilling Mud disposal strategies during the UCT Event on January 31.

Approval of the OSU Mud Disposal research project and begin the three-year industry impacting study.

Work with the Government Relations Committee on what DCA members are doing for “best” practices to prevent cross bores.

Secure time slot for panel discussion to help assure a successful DCA & AGA workshop.

At the July 2013 DCA HDD Committee, Dave Fisher and Don Dell of Bentonite Performance Minerals presented a Best Practices video and it has been uploaded to YouTube. Click on the link below to view the video:


Members can view meeting minutes in the Members Only section of the web site.

OSU Mud Disposal Fact Sheet

OSU Mud Disposal Final Project Result

HDD Specifications (MAG 608)

HDD Committee Charter