Workforce Development Committee

Vision: To identify the needed resources, develop a support structure, and provide leadership that will lead to a sustainable work force for the future.

Mission Statement: To develop, coordinate and implement a strategy that supports the growth of the resources needed through promotion of our industry as a career, using the vast knowledge and leadership the DCA members should offer, and coordination with other industry professionals.

2017 Goals:

Coordinate efforts with UCWA.

Identify focus areas that best align with DCA members (geographically).

Identify existing education and training opportunities within those areas (technical schools, unions, etc.).

Collect data from existing programs i.e. promotion efforts, number of students, placement rates and retention after placement.

Offer and provide support to existing programs i.e. curriculum, training resources, tools and equipment, etc.

Help to identify and provide support for government funding opportunities.

Workforce Development Committee Charter