DCA Workforce Summit

The DCA Workforce Summit is being held in May and is committed to:

Solving the Urgent Workforce Data Challenge facing the DCA industry. Solving this challenge will finally provide the missing data on what actually works to recruit, engage, and retain Gen Z and Millennial employees. This addresses the most urgent hiring challenge that is limiting the entire industry's growth.

Solving the Training Challenge facing the DCA industry within the realities of what it can and cannot offer on-site. This includes each major inflection point of learning including onboarding, training, and talent development. This addresses the expensive issue of providing the right training at the right time to drive performance, talent development and on-the-job performance.

Rebranding the Industry to win Gen Z and Millennials at exactly the right time in their workforce journey. This is critical for the industry and makes DCA and its key stakeholders the data-driven thought leaders that are literally building our country.