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Center for Energy Workforce Development (CEWD)

Center for Energy Workforce Development (CEWD)

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Who We Are

Formed in March 2006, the Center for Energy Workforce Development (CEWD) is a non-profit consortium of electric natural gas and nuclear utilities and their associations — Edison Electric Institute, American Gas Association, American Public Power Association, Nuclear Energy Institute, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, and Distribution Contractors Association. CEWD was formed to help utilities work together to develop solutions to the coming workforce shortage in the utility industry. It is the first partnership between utilities, their associations, contractors, and unions to focus on the need to build a skilled workforce pipeline that will meet future industry needs.

Our Purpose 

Center for Energy Workforce Development (CEWD) is at the forefront of forecasting the demand for workers, communicating the skills and knowledge for current and future workers, and partnering with educators across the country to create scalable career pathways for energy jobs. CEWD provides ready-to-use resources that allow energy companies to attract, train and hire from a variety of demographic groups including youth, military, women, and transitioning adults.

Initially formed to identify and implement solutions to the aging workforce issue, CEWD now focuses on closing the skill gaps in mission critical jobs as the industry faces changes in technology and leads the way to a cleaner energy future. Over the past 10 years, CEWD has worked to create a strong foundation of partnership between the energy industry, education and workforce development to implement proven and scalable workforce solutions that save time, conserve resources and reduce costs.

Our Impact

CEWD members represent approximately 85 percent of the nation’s energy utility workers and have combined revenue of more than $450 billion. The industry’s broad support of CEWD underscores, in a very visible manner, its track record for helping the industry develop a qualified and diverse workforce to meet our country’s energy needs.

At the state level, CEWD facilitated the creation of State Energy Workforce Consortia representing 30 states. These consortia focus on developing an energy workforce tailored to the economic, demographic and specific workforce requirements for that state. The consortia are supported by CEWD through a unique model of consultants who bring to bear long-term industry and human resources experience. This model enables the state consortia to rapidly tailor and implement proven solutions from other regions.

Educators play a critical role in the partnership infrastructure. Through its members, CEWD has identified more than 300 educators who provide credentials, degrees and diplomas in training and education programs specifically tied to energy competencies. The network, called the National Energy Education Network, actively leverages the work of CEWD across the country in high schools, community colleges and universities.

The national career awareness brand, Get Into Energy, is used across the country in websites, social media, brochures, curriculum and educational pathways to introduce energy careers to students and future employees of all ages. CEWD also makes it easier for specific demographic groups to find our jobs and prepare for energy careers. Resources include links to educational institutions that partner with CEWD members and a real-time job posting site. In addition, CEWD provides interactive roadmaps for key jobs like generation, transmission and distribution technicians, lineworkers, plant and field operators, and engineers.

Targeted resources include Troops to Energy Jobs for exiting soldiers and veterans, WISE (Women in Sustainable Employment) Pathways for transitioning women into non-traditional fields, the Get Into Energy Career Pathways Model for students in secondary and post-secondary programs of study, and Get Into Energy, Get Into STEM to support after-school efforts like FIRST Robotics and SkillsUSA for middle- and high-school students.



Our Platform

CEWD is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization formed by the electric and natural gas energy industry for the purpose of creating the next generation of energy workers. CEWD members include the major energy industry trade associations Edison Electric Institute (EEI), Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), American Gas Association (AGA), American Public Power Association (APPA), National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), and the Distribution Contractors Association (DCA) as well as energy companies that use a variety of fuel sources, including fossil fuels, natural gas, nuclear, hydro, wind, solar and biofuels. CEWD also partners with labor unions (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and Utility Workers Union of America), education institutions and the workforce system.

CEWD is led by a Board of Directors made up of the heads of the trade associations and major energy companies from around the country, along with Councils of members who provide advice and guidance on strategy and goals. CEWD provides its Board an annual plan based on the CEWD strategic planning model. The plan is structured in four distinct pillars: Career Awareness, Education, Workforce Planning, and Structure and Support. Following is a small sampling within each planning pillar of the strategies, products, services and support CEWD provides its members and their partners.

Career Awareness Objective:

Create awareness among students, parents, educators and non-traditional workers of the critical need for a skilled energy workforce and the opportunities for education that can lead to entry level employment.

-- National Career Awareness websites: www.CEWD.org, www.troopstoenergyjobs.com, www.getintoenergy.com

-- Customizable branded materials and collateral to build career awareness among targeted populations through Shop CEWD

-- Toolkits to guide employers in attracting, hiring and retaining targeted populations, including veterans, women, transitioning adults, youth and women with disabilities

-- Troops to Energy Jobs: An online career resource to help connect veterans with energy industry employers who are seeking to hire them

-- Get Into Energy Jobs: A searchable database of real-time job vacancy announcements from all CEWD member company websites

-- Women in Sustainable Employment (WISE) Pathways Exploration Workshop for women

-- Get into Energy – Get into STEM National program and support for First Robotics competition

-- Resources and toolkits to support state Careers in Energy Week events each October

Education Objective:

Implement clearly defined education solutions that link industry recognized competencies and credentials to employment opportunities and advancement in the energy industry.

-- Energy Industry Competency Model for Technicians and Engineers: detailed knowledge and skill sets defined by the industry for the highest priority positions, including line installers, power and gas plant operators, technicians, and pipefitters.

-- The CEWD Energy Industry Curriculum Center, offering best-in-class curriculum with detailed teaching guides that provide industry-recognized certificates supporting each tier of the Competency Model. Offerings include Energy Industry Fundamentals, Get Into Energy Math and Test Prep, CEWD Natural Gas Boot Camp, and Lineworker Program, among others

-- Energy Industry Common Employability Skills (CES) for Educators: guides that help educators teach personal, people and workplace skills needed to gain employment

-- Focused energy curriculum and teaching guides for middle school and high school students

-- Support to state consortia for launching energy career pathways and a 17th career cluster in energy

Workforce Planning Objective:

Balance the supply and demand for a qualified and diverse energy workforce.

-- Strategic Workforce Planning Model with tools and templates for workforce analytics and measurement

-- CEWD Workforce Survey: Gaps in the Energy Pipeline, which has collected data on the country’s skilled energy workforce since 2008

-- National and State Demand Reports providing 10 year projections of attrition for key skilled job categories

-- Identification of national “game changers” for the energy industry that directly influence workforce needs at the company, state and region level

-- Supply data on graduates from educators in the National Energy Education Network

-- Contractor Demand Analysis Toolkit that assists companies and state consortia in quantifying contractor workforce requirements

Structure and Support Objective:

Organize the energy industry workforce development efforts to maximize the effectiveness of national, state and individual company initiatives

-- CEWD Annual Summit, a convening of members and their partners in the DC area each November

-- Annual meetings for each CEWD Region to showcase best practices and update members on CEWD services and tools

-- Management of and support to the National Energy Education Network, encompassing nearly 300 education institutions in the US that teach industry-sponsored energy curriculum

-- Support to State Energy Workforce Consortia representing 30 states, including annual National Forum convening in the DC area

-- Organization and management of multiple Communities of Practice focused on specific programs, e.g., Troops to Energy, Energy Industry Fundamentals, etc.

-- A dedicated Member Services staff

For more information on CEWD, visit the website at www.cewd.org


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