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Milestone for the Commission on Professional Credentialing (CPC)

Milestone for the Commission on Professional Credentialing (CPC)
On July 26th the Commission on Professional Credentialing (CPC) attained a major milestone: reaching 2,014 designated officers worldwide.

The professional designation program was developed with a focus on helping fire and emergency service personnel excel as individuals and to bring additional value to their roles and organizations. Commission Chair Chief Reginald Freeman, CFO expressed his excitement as we celebrate our 2,000th designee to successfully be awarded their Commission on Professional Credentialing designation, and assures, “we remain just as dedicated today to the high professional standards and values as we were when we credentialed the first officer.”

The first group of 17 chief officers were conferred as Chief Fire Officer (CFO) Designees on August 23, 2000. One of the original CFO designees, Chief Dan Gaumont, CFO and CPC Commissioner said, “I took pride in being a trend setter for the future of the fire service.” He explained his CFO designation has helped him to achieve certain career positions because “employers have used it to validate professional, educational, and community accomplishments” which are essential to successfully holding the position of Fire Chief.

In 2006 the Commission on Chief Fire Officer Designation became the Commission on Professional Credentialing. This change would better define the future of the designation program. In 2007 work began on developing a designation for EMS officers. This program would launch in 2008 as the Chief Medical Officer designation and would later be retitled to the current Chief EMS Officer (CEMSO). Further discussions and research by the Commission would result in the creation of three more designations: Fire Marshal (FM), Chief Training Officer (CTO), and Fire Officer (FO). In 2012 CPC reached 1,000 designees. Here we are, five years later, at 2,014 designees. Staying on track with the current growth, the CPC could reach 3,000 designees in as few as three years.

Visit the website to view the list of 2,014 designated officers. For those interested in seeking professional excellence, more information can be found on our website.

Congratulations to the 2,014 designees in the CPC family.

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