ISRA Junior Team

Illinois Junior High Power

The ISRA Junior Highpower Program is dedicated to respect for and safe handling of firearms, while instilling patriotism and discipline in our youth participants. Our objective is to:

• Grow the sport of Highpower Rifle competition by preparing juniors to be fully developed competitors that will take responsibility for passing on their skills to the next generation of juniors.

• Represent the Illinois State Rifle Association in individual and team matches at state, regional, and national matches.

• Participate in matches listed in the ISRA Highpower Schedule (

The ISRA Junior Highpower Team, known as the Hard Dogs, has a long history of outstanding results in highpower competition. Several national championships have been won by the Hard Dogs. Many past Hard Dogs have excelled in college and in life. Being a member of the team is as much about building character, and learning responsibility, as it is about gaining marksmanship skills.

The team members come from all parts of Illinois. Team members range in age from 13 through age 20. With safety being number one, the lower age limit is dependent upon the junior exhibiting the physical and mental ability to safely handle an AR-15 rifle.

I'd like to welcome you to look at the pictures posted on this site and look at the links shown at the left. If you are a parent or junior with an interest in learning more about the Hard Dogs, I would like the opportunity to talk with you. If you are a former Hard Dog, I would like to hear from you too. You have valuable information that I'd like share about what made your years on the team special to you.

If you are a past, current, and/or possible future sponsor of the team, I would like to thank you for all that you do for highpower shooting in general and specifically for the Hard Dogs.

The Hard Dogs would like to thank the Illinois State Rifle Association and the NRA Foundation for grants received in the past year. The grants helped to offset costs related to team equipment, reloading and national match fees. Because of the generosity of the Friends of the NRA, our junior program has been able to expand and allow for many more juniors to become involved in high power rifle competition.

Liam McKenna, Team Coach

Scott Carrier, Team Coach

Mike James, Quarter Master/Treasurer

Russ Friend, Development & Events Coordinator

You can follow the Hard Dogs on Facebook by joining our group at Illinois Hard Dogs.