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Organizational Affairs Council Leadership

Director: Rani Madduri
Email:  rmadduri@hhsnj.org

The Council on Organizational Affairs shall be responsible for encouragement of Society membership; development of Society services; establishment of Affiliated Chapters; and, strengthening of relationships with Chapters and with the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. The Council shall distribute applications for membership in the Society.

To join this Council, please print and fill out the Council Involvement Form.

Organizational Affairs News

NJSHP Annual Awards 2020 Winners

NJSHP would like to thank the following people

In the NJSHP Annual Awards of 2020 there were 9 winners across 8 categories

NJSHP Organizational Affairs Raffle Winners

Membership Interest Survey Raffle Winners

Congratulations to Juliet Reiter and Betty Luor!

We appreciate the feedback we receive from all of our members that responded to the survey!


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