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The Pennsylvania Aggregates and Concrete Association (PACA) is Pennsylvania's leading voice for the crushed stone, ready mixed concrete, sand and gravel, and cement industries' community. The PACA community represents not only many Pennsylvania born and bred companies, but many small businesses and multi-generational companies - all of who believe it is important to do business in an environmentally sound and financially responsible manner. These companies demonstrate this responsibility in various ways - through responsible corporate stewardship, through financial support for initiatives that benefit their local communities, and through support of PACA.

Life without these industries would be impossible! Natural aggregates are among the most abundant natural resources and a major basic raw material used by construction, agriculture and other industries.  Aggregates are considered by Congress as strategic and of critical importance to national security and economic viability.

 The National Sand, Stone & Gravel Association (NSSGA) estimates every American will need 1.18 million pounds of stone, sand and gravel. And the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) indicates that 81 percent of architects, developers, builders and engineers have a favorable view of the concrete industry.  In Pennsylvania, aggregates are essential to transportation infrastructure.  The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) is the industry's largest customer.

In 2015, USGS has estimated that 1.46 billion tons of crushed stone, valued at more than $13.8 billion, was produced by 1,430 companies operating 3,700 quarries, 82 underground mines, and 187 sales/distribution yards in 50 States. This is an increase of seven percent over 2014. Production for consumption of crushed stone increased in 35 of 46 States. Pennsylvania is second in the nation in production, behind Texas.

NRMCA estimates there are about 5,500 ready mixed concrete plants that produce the product and about 55,000 ready mixed concrete mixer trucks that deliver it to the point of placement. NRMCA estimates production of 336.2 million cubic yards in 2015, an increase of four percent over 2014. Of that, 9.9 million cubic yards was produced in Pennsylvania.

USGS estimates the national annual output of construction sand and gravel produced for consumption in 2015 was 945 million tons, an increase of five percent compared with that of 2014. In Pennsylvania, 10.9 million tons was estimated to be produced in 2015 with a value of $106 million.

USGS indicates shipments of portland and blended cement increased by an estimated 4.1% in the fourth quarter of 2015, and annual consumption increased by an estimated 3.5% in 2015, compared with that of the same period in 2014.

Why Join PACA?

As a PACA member, you'll receive access to information and knowledge to better position your company; the opportunity to network with industry leaders and the ability to learn from numerous educational opportunities offered throughout the year.

For questions regarding membership, contact Kallie Kline.

Benefits of Membership

Community Involvement
All members are eligible to participate and engage in numerous communities focused on industry-specific issues.  By sitting at the community table, you formulate the association's position on issues that impact the entire industry - members and non-members alike.

Stream of Information and News
E-Alert:  Get the latest industry news, Association information and meeting announcements - published bi-weekly.  PACA also distributes supplemental email blasts on issues of a more urgent nature.

Networking Opportunities 

Develop relationships with your industry peers at PACA activities, mixers and meetings throughout the year.

Educational Events

Each fall, PACA holds the Annual Meeting in Hershey, PA. This serves as PACA's annual business meeting and features updates from state agencies, board elections, awards presentations and outstanding keynote speakers.

The Summer Summit, in June, is PACA's executive retreat, featuring presentations, networking opportunities and the annual PACA Golf Outing and Sporting Clays Tournament. Other meetings are held periodically on an as-needed basis.

For questions regarding PACA's meetings/events, contact Kallie Kline.

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The Pennsylvania Aggregates and Concrete Association (PACA) is the industry’s unified voice,
representing more than 200 member companies across the state.

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PACA Communities

PACA’s Communities address the most important issues facing our industry. All members are encouraged to attend and participate in the work of PACA's communities as they are the lifeblood of the Association.  Communities are open to PACA member company employees only please.


What Communities Are Available?

  • Advocacy Community
  • Aggregate Technical Community
  • Blasting Community
  • Concrete Promotion Community
  • Concrete Technical Community
  • Environmental Community
  • Safety and Health Community
  • Superintendent Community
  • Young Leaders Development Community

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2017 Concrete Award Winners

Commercial Construction (Structures) Project of the Year

I-79/I-70 Diverging Diamond Interchange Project

Golden Triangle Construction Co., Inc.
PennDOT District 12
Gannett Fleming, Inc

View Our Winners From Previous Years

Commercial Project of the Year

2016 (Buildings)
Central Builders Supply Co.
McKissick Associates Architects
eci Construction
Shikellamy Middle School Project

2016 (Structures)
Rock Hill Concrete, Inc.
New Enterprise Stone and Lime Co., Inc.
American Parkway Project

Central Builders Supply Company
Berwick River Bridge Project

Delaware Valley Concrete Co., Inc.
Urban Outfitters Project

Rahns Construction Material Co.
Bucks County Bridge Reconstruction

Casilio Concrete
Sycamore Street

Highway Materials / County Line Concrete
Bairs Mill Bridge

Stone & Company
Allegheny River Bridge

Conewago Enterprises, Inc.
Conewago Enterprises, Inc., Corporate Office Building

New Holland Concrete
Welsh Mountain Water Storage Tank

4 Winds Concrete
Northstar Construction

Conewago Enterprises
Liberty Property Trust

Residential Project of the Year

Pennsy Supply, Inc., & Kinsley Materials
River Lodge

Pennsy Supply, Inc.
Hershey Residence

SJA Construction, Inc.
The Residences at the Ritz Carlton

Pennsy Supply, Inc. / New Holland Concrete (Construction Supply Centers)
Providence Homes Project

New Holland Concrete
Joe King Residence

Frank Bryan, Inc.
Windom Hill Place

Berks Products
Marchio Concrete Patio

Commercial Decorative Project of the Year

L.S. Fiore
New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc.
Laguna Splash Water Park Project

Central Builders Supply Co.
Weis Markets #226

4 Winds Concrete
PNC Square at Steel Stacks

Residential Decorative Project of the Year

Pennsy Supply, Inc.
Barry Lane Project

Pennsy Supply, Inc.
Creek Road Project

Chairman’s Special Merit Award

Delaware Valley Concrete Co., Inc.
The Bazella Group
iFly Project

Essroc Ready Mix Concrete
Pitcher Park Memorial Skatepark

Captains of Concrete

Pennsy Supply, Inc.
Rock Hill Concrete, Inc.

Conewago Enterprises, Inc.
Centre Concrete Company
Casilio Concrete
New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc.
Wayne Concrete / Wayne Gravel

Hank Bauer Award Concrete (Promoter of the Year)

Jay Robinson, Rock Hill Concrete, Inc.

John Bazella, J. Bazella Concrete Construction

Jim Casilio, Casilio Concrete

Mario Diliberto, Delaware Valley Concrete

Jim Engelman, Engelman Construction

Donald B. Smith Jr., Conewago Enterprises

Eric Nicholson, Centre Concrete Co.

Nominate Your Projects for This Year's Awards

Nominations for the 2019 Excellence in Concrete Recognition Awards
are due October 4, 2019.  

Criteria and nomination guidelines/form may be downloaded here.


Hall of Fame

The Ambassadors of the Industry Hall of Fame has recognized over 90 individuals for their years of service to the industry or their individual company, their involvement in their community, exceptional service to the industry, impeccable safety records and more.

New inductees and their families are invited to attend the Annual Meeting each year to be honored during a special ceremony in front of the PACA membership.

Dick Placey

Placey & Wright

Jeff Stauffer

Pennsy Supply, Inc.

Larry Stine

Pennsy Supply, Inc.

Jimmy Styer

New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co. Inc.

Dave Teter

Pennsy Supply, Inc.

Paul Yankanich

Pennsy Supply, Inc.

View Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Inductees

First Name Last Name Company Name Year Inducted
Charles Hutt Martin Stone Quarries 2000
Ted Koch Berks Products Corp. 2000
Daniel Ray Leach Hall Explosives, Inc. 2000
Richard Maurer Eastern Industries, Inc. 2000
Frank Sweigart Rohrer's Quarry, Inc. 2000
Calvin Troutman Eastern Industries, Inc. 2000
Ron Frye Hall Explosives, Inc. 2001
Jim Henninger Eastern Industries, Inc. 2001
Ervin Martin Rohrer's Quarry, Inc. 2001
Dallas Mathias Martin Stone Quarries 2001
Randy May York Drilling Company, Inc. 2001
Ward Rice, III Pennsy Supply, Inc. 2001
William Seiders Berks Products Corp. 2001
Marvin Stoltzfus Martin Limestone, Inc. 2001
Floyd Anthony Eastern Industries, Inc. 2002
Jere Geib Rohrer's Quarry, Inc. 2002
Bud Johnston Pennsy Supply, Inc. 2002
Randy Newcomer Rohrer's Quarry, Inc. 2002
Mark Proctor Hall Explosives, Inc. 2002
Donald "Pic" Reichart Martin Stone Quarries 2002
Joe Schneitzel Eastern Industries, Inc. 2002
Laverne Smeltz Meckley's Limestone Products, Inc. 2002
Daniel Wertz Eastern Industries, Inc. 2002
John Bricker Berks Products Corp. 2003
Raymond Groff Martin Stone Quarries 2003
John Haines Pennsy Supply, Inc. 2003
Rexford Klinger Eastern Industries, Inc. 2003
Douglas Nornhold Eastern Industries, Inc. 2003
Donald Rohrer Rohrer's Quarry, Inc. 2003
John Bodnari Eastern Industries, Inc. 2004
Lois Charles Kemper Equipment, Inc. 2004
John Dochter Rohrer's Quarry, Inc. 2004
Gary Keister Eastern Industries, Inc. 2004
John Kushner Frank Bryan, Inc. 2004
S. Darl Morrison Glacial Sand & Gravel Co. 2004
Bobby Rudeck Pennsy Supply, Inc. 2004
Lane Schultz Berks Products Corp. 2004
Dennis Smeltz Meckley's Limestone Products, Inc. 2004
Ralph Wallace Martin Stone Quarries 2004
Paul Beegle H.B. Mellott Estate, Inc. 2005
Dean Benfield Martin Stone Quarries 2005
Mel Burkholder Martin Limestone, Inc. 2005
John Filchner, Jr. Eastern Industries, Inc. 2005
S. Jean Fuller Hoover Sand & Gravel Co. Inc. 2005
Jeff Hornberger Rohrer's Quarry, Inc. 2005
Som Khouane H.B. Mellott Estate, Inc. 2005
Randy Miles Hanson Aggregates, Inc. 2005
Chris Perkins Hoover Sand & Gravel Co. Inc. 2005
Bob Weller Eastern Industries, Inc. 2005
Eddie Furman Eastern Industries, Inc. 2006
Bruce Hoffman Martin Stone Quarries 2006
Paul Kratzer Eastern Industries, Inc. 2006
Eric Nicholson Centre Concrete Co. 2006
Gary Yoder Martin Stone Quarries 2006
Roscoe Kauffman Rohrer's Quarry, Inc. 2007
Darwin Marquette Meckley's Limestone Products, Inc. 2007
Bill Patton Eastern Industries, Inc. 2007
Rusty Taft Eastern Industries, Inc. 2007
Russel Roush Eastern Industries, Inc. 2008
Larry Strohm Rohrer's Quarry, Inc. 2008
Jeff Beck Hoyt Wire Cloth/Lumsden Corp. 2009
Tom Bowersox Eastern Industries, Inc. 2009
David Chilcote, Sr. New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co. Inc. 2009
Kenny Schultz Martin Stone Quarries 2009
Mike Slenker Eastern Industries, Inc. 2009
Paul Bohner Eastern Industries, Inc. 2010
Lloyd Fox New Holland Concrete 2010
Anne Kelhart Martin Stone Quarries 2010
Gerald Umble Martin Limestone, Inc. 2010
Rich Wirtz Centre Concrete Co. 2010
Robert Aichele Keystone Cement Co. 2011
Bob Fidler Berks Products Corp. 2011
Robert McCann Eastern Industries, Inc. 2011
Paul Miller Martin Limestone, Inc. 2011
Gregory Saeger Berks Products Corp. 2011
Bob Smith Centre Concrete Co. 2011
Darwin Steininger Eastern Industries, Inc. 2011
Bev Chase Wayne Concrete / Wayne Gravel 2012
Terry Fenstermaker Highway Materials, Inc. 2012
Lee Heintzelman Eastern Industries, Inc. 2012
Lonnie London DuBrook, Inc. 2012
Don Woolford ECHO Industrial, Inc. 2012
Jeff Moyer Eastern Industries, Inc. 2013
Mark Williams Skelly and Loy, Inc. 2013
Tom Kirchhoff Cleveland Brothers Equipment Co., Inc. 2014
George Love PA Geologic Survey, PA DCNR 2014
John Rice Pennsy Supply, Inc. 2014
Wilbur Rohrer Rohrer's Quarry, Inc. 2014
Paul Romich Highway Materials, Inc. 2014
Allen Snavely Kemper Equipment, Inc. 2014
Mark Snyder Pennsy Supply, Inc. 2014
Jim Shawver Centre Concrete Co. 2015
Mario Diliberto Delaware Valley Concrete Co. 2015
Michael McCarthy Delaware Valley Concrete Co. 2015
Michal Jones-Stewart The EADS Group, Inc. 2016
Fran Callery Highway Materials, Inc. 2016
Scott Stahle Pennsy Supply, Inc. 2016
Eugene Graham Pennsy Supply, Inc. 2016
Dick Placey Placey and Wright 2017
Jeff Stauffer Pennsy Supply, Inc. 2017
Larry Stine Pennsy Supply, Inc. 2017
Jimmy Styer New Enterprise Stone and Lime Co. Inc. 2017
Dave Teter Pennsy Supply, Inc. 2017
Paul Yankanich Pennsy Supply, Inc. 2017

How Do You Make Your Outstanding 

Employee an Industry Star?


By nominating him/her for the 2019 Ambassadors of the Industry Hall of Fame inductions, of course!


Nomination guidelines and information are available here.