PA Politics 101

PA Politics 101 provides the opportunity to learn how to be more influential in the state political scene to benefit both your company and your family.

For questions regarding PACA's PA Politics 101, please contact Kallie Kline.


About the Meeting...

Meeting Purpose
The main purpose of PACA's PA Politics 101 is to provide answers to the following questions:

  • How can you convey your opinions to your elected officials?
  • What is the best way to educate your elected officials?
  • How can you speak with a louder voice with your elected officials?

This event is an opportunity for you to learn about our state's legislative process; learn how to educate your elected officials on issues important to you, your family and your company; and learn how to have a voice in government.  Most importantly, it is meant to make you comfortable with elected officials that represent you at the local, county, State or Federal level.

About the Meeting...

Meeting Speaker Profile
At the PA Politics 101, you will be exposed to legislators and key staff that make decisions on a daily basis that impact your business and your family's life.

Attendee Profile
This event was created by your PACA peers to educate all of our members, immaterial of age, position and political affiliation, about the importance of involvement with political officials, beyond just writing a check.  NO experience in politics is preferred.