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Posted: Sep 3, 2019

Restored Dimmitt VFD (TX) Fire Apparatus Makes Parade Debut

Dimmitt firefighters spent a year restoring a fire truck that recently made its debut in a parade, reports 10 KFDA.

The truck was the volunteer department's fire truck and marked the county's first truck. Firefighters hope the restored truck will spark interest in the next generation of firefighters.

One of the most significant tasks was replacing the engine that had been sitting in the truck since the 1940′s.


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Posted: Sep 3, 2019

South Metro (CO) Fire Apparatus Involved in Accident

A South Metro Fire Rescue truck was involved in a crash Sunday while responding to another accident, reports 9 News.

There are not yet details on the accident with the fire truck but no one was injured.
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Posted: Sep 3, 2019

5.11 Tactical Announces National Preparedness Month Lineup

Photo courtesy 5.11 Tactical

National Preparedness Month runs throughout September and 5.11 Tactical is having preparedness trainings through its in-store ABR Academies.

IRVINE, Calif. 5.11 Tactical, the global leader in innovative tactical apparel, footwear and outdoor gear, is celebrating National Preparedness Month in September by putting forth a series of activations spanning the brand’s reach across retail, online, partnerships, a nine-part web series and giveaways. The brand will host preparedness trainings nationwide through its in-store ABR Academies, a video series with former Navy SEAL and survivalist Clint Emerson, as well giveaways online and at their 53 retail locations across the US.

5.11’s largest activation during National Preparedness Month will be a series of Always Be Ready (ABR) Academy classes in 5.11 retail stores nationwide. ABR Academies are free classes led by experts in trauma care, self-defense, overall preparedness, everyday carry and outdoor adventure.

“Preparedness is a significant part of 5.11’s brand DNA,” says Deb Radcliff, Chief Marketing Officer of 5.11. “Our ABR Academy is just one of the ways 5.11 provides consumers with the knowledge, gear and pertinent skills necessary to always be ready for their next challenge. National Preparedness Month is an opportunity for us to honor the first responders and servicemen and women in our country, as well as educate our consumers so they’re better prepared on-duty, while training, or on their next adventure.”

At 5.11’s National Preparedness Month’s ABR Academy events, subject matter experts lead an interactive and educational class open to all experience levels. Participants are able to meet and learn from local law enforcement officers and medics, professionally trained survivalists, veterans, and active duty servicemen and women. In addition to empowering individuals, the ABR Academy serves to build camaraderie within our local communities.

In honor of National Preparedness Month, 5.11 has partnered with Retired Navy SEAL and best-selling author, Clint Emerson, on an educational video series. Emerson has spent a lifetime surviving the most difficult situations on earth and wholeheartedly embodies 5.11’s Always Be Ready ethos. In the new video series, 100 Deadly Skills presented by 5.11, Clint will teach everything from go-bag basics to escaping a kidnapping and what to know for every situation in between. With the right equipment, mindset, and training, 5.11 gives you what you need to Always be Ready.

As an added bonus throughout September, 5.11 customers online and in-store, will receive a copy of Emerson’s best-selling book, 100 Deadly Skills, a hands-on, practical survival guide, with purchases of $125 or more, while supplies last. In addition, as a special gift to 5.11’s National Preparedness Month ABR Academy attendees, 5.11 will be giving away copies of Emerson’s book as well as a free pouch with pack or bag purchase during ABR Academy in-store events.

Emerson will personally be making special guest appearances hosting Go-Bag Building ABR Academies in Frisco, TX and Arlington, TX in September.

For a full list of ABR Academy events this National Preparedness Month, click here or view below:

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Posted: Sep 3, 2019

Cantankerous Wisdom: Farmers & Tankers

By Bill Adams

Over the years, I've had the opportunity to interact with many older members of rural fire companies. If they ever came to morning coffee with the Raisin Squad, they'd fit right in. I call them "farmers"—a nonderogatory term I use and fortunately one most don't take offense to. After all, who wants to argue with a 250-pound 70-year-old who can leap out of a truck cab like a leopard, wears bib coveralls, has hands as big as hams, and has no problem singlehandedly carrying a 100-foot length LDH. I probably should just call him "sir" and hope I don't get thumped. Farmers' stories are mostly down-to-earth. They tell it like it is without caring about decorum and standards.

At one trade show, I jaw-boned with one who was proud as a peacock of his company's new tanker that was being displayed. He was on the purchasing committee. It was a bare-bones two-door commercial job with a single rear axle, 1,800-gallon tank and a 750-gpm PTO pump. I asked him why only an 1,800-gallon tank. "That's the biggest tank the guys are comfortable driving." You know, you can get more water on a single axle if that's a concern. "I didn’t say a twin screw is an issue. I said they don't want to drive one with more than 1,800 gallons on board." Why? "These people drive big farm equipment; some drive rigs for the co-op hauling milk and such. They know our roads and know how rigs handle. They drive them and that's what they want. Why buy a rig they won't drive?" Thus ended lesson one.

When asked how many rigs his department has, he replied a 15-year-old tanker like the one just purchased but with a 500-gpm pump, a 25-year-old 2,500-gallon tanker with a small portable pump, a 35-year-old pumper with a 500-gallon tank that's never used and a pickup truck for grass fires. How come you don't buy pumper-tankers. "Don't need them." Why not? "We don't have hydrants. We need water. We don't have retention ponds or creeks you can reach with a pumper. Most water is over a thousand feet off the nearest hardtop. Besides, during the wet seasons the fields won't support a pumper or even a mini pumper carrying a couple thousand feet of supply hose."

What about your ISO rating? "We don't have one now." Well, what about setting up mutual aid with tankers? If you can maintain a certain flow for a given amount of time, the ISO will up your rating. "Where the hell are we going to get tankers. Our closest mutual aid company is 20 miles away. The rest are further than that. Besides, at 10 in the morning, it’s hit or miss for all of us. You know as well as I do, after the first 10 or 15 minutes if it ain't out, it ain't going out." What about automatic mutual assistance? I think he was kidding when he said, "We're good but I doubt we can keep a fire burning long enough for them to get here." 

What about using a blitz attack with a deck gun? "Well, we thought about that, but we can’t guarantee getting a rig close enough to use one on a side that might need it. We bought one of them small portable jobs (ground monitors) that'll flow 500 gpm. That way we can use it on all sides of a building. And, we bought the bigger pump on this tanker so we can use the portable gun and a deuce-and-a-half or a couple attack lines—as long as we have the water and the people." Why not buy both a deck gun and a portable

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Posted: Sep 3, 2019

Fire Truck Photo of the Day-E-ONE Pumpers

Cincinnati (OH) Fire Department, three (3) pumpers. Cyclone II cabs and chassis; Cummins X12 500-hp engines; Hale Qmax 1,500-gpm pumps; UPF Poly 510-gallon water tanks.

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