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Learn How Drones Are Impacting The Pipeline Industry

Learn How Drones Are Impacting The Pipeline Industry

Friday, October 27, 2017

Drones are a new tool within the pipeline industry and are becoming increasingly beneficial. Attend the 2017 Pipeline Leadership Conference this Nov. 8-9 and hear Dr. Mickey Frish, Manager of Industrial Sensors for PSI Corp., discuss his company’s use of drones —or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)—for pipeline integrity applications.

During the New Innovations for Pipeline Excellences Panel, attendees will explore how new technology and practices improve processes related to pipeline operation, construction and maintenance. This panel will be moderated by: Brad Kramer, Managing Editor, North American Oil & Gas Pipelines. Panelists will include: Mark Smith, CEO, Geospatial Corp.; Wayne King, P.Eng, President, HEBNA; John Capodice, Executive Vice President, Sterling Lumber; Dr. Mickey Frish, Manager, Industrial Sensors, PSI Corp.

The 2017 Pipeline Leadership Conference is for top executives involved in building and operating oil and gas pipelines throughout North America. The event will bring together thought leaders to discuss innovative approaches and best practices for managing new construction, ensuring safety, improving efficiency and overcoming challenges from inside and outside the industry. View the exceptional speaker lineup and the full agenda here: www.plconference.com.

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By: Jennifer Wengryniuk