2021 CBA Committee Descriptions and Members


This committee reviews the Bylaws of the Association annually and advises the Board of any changes needed.  This committee also draws up any changes and submits them to the Board for approval.

Jodi Merritt - Chair
Mike Waters


This committee keeps up to date on the happenings at CARB. They provide information to the Board of anything that the membership needs to know about.

Chris Riddington - Chair
Mike Waters


This committee works on the planning of the annual convention. They will meet several times a year via Zoom during the planning stages. They will also meet once at the host hotel to check out convention space, banquet space and meet with the staff on site. The Committee Chair reports to the Board with all updates

Mike Waters - Chair
Vickie Cole
Tom Giddens

Jodi Merritt
Chris Riddington
Charles Williams

Legislative / Charter Regulations / Communications

This committee works closely with our Lobbyist on new bills being introduced in the State Assembly and Senate.  They advise the Board as to which ones we should watch closely.

Eric Gregory - Co-Chair
Terry Fischer - Co-Chair
Alfonso Hernandez
Dan Eisentrager
Javier Becerra
Mike Waters
Samantha Onnen

Maintenance - Education Environmental

This committee plans and executes the Maintenance Seminar and keeps the Board updated.  Should any environmental issues that come up, they will be report their findings to Board.

Rigo Gonzalez - Co-Chair
Charles Williams - Co-Chair
Robert Hitt
Juan Lepe
Wendell Merritt
Mark Richards


This committee works on promoting and increasing membership. They work on small regional Meet & Greets of non-members to inform them on the benefits of a CBA membership. Any plans are presented to the Board for approval.

Jodi Merritt - Co-Chair
Kevin Creighton - Co-Chair
Clint Guth
Dave Dorr
Robert Greene
Robert Saucedo

National & State Parks / Attractions

This committee meets when something of interest effecting the motorcoach industry with National & State Parks or Attractions and is tasked to work with the entity to get a resolution. This committee reports their findings to the Board and keeps them updated

Vickie Cole - Chair
Jasmine Sayah - Co-Chair
Lisa Allen
Denise Demery
Michael Giddens

Safety / Awards / Education

This committee takes care of the safety awards given out at the convention each year.  They also work with the Board on planning members meetings during the year.  They submit their plans to the Board for approval as well as keeping them updated.

Vickie Cole - Chair
Eric Gregory 

School Bus / SPAB

This committee works with our lobbyist regarding any bills dealing with School Bus and/or SPAB.  They report their findings to the Board for future actions.

Robert Saucedo - Chair
Vickie Cole
Eric Gregory


This committee works with the Executive Director with any technology or social media plans. They submit their plans to the Board and the Executive Director for approval.

Michael Giddens - Chair
Eric Gregory
Jodi Merritt
Chris Riddington