Membership Information

The California Bus Association is a professional association for the bus industry in the State of California. It represents bus operators at the state level of government and retains a registered, professional legislative advocate in Sacramento to represent CBA in the Capitol and to keep the association informed of pending legislation affecting the bus industry. CBA provides for professional development and the sharing of information through membership meetings, seminars, and its annual convention/trade show. Close communication is maintained with our members throughout the year, particularly through email notices and social media.

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New Memberships

Applications for new membership are welcome. New applicants must submit two industry references, complete with contact information, for consideration. New members are admitted to the association by emergency vote of the Board of Directors upon receiving your completed application and required documentation. New Members shall consist of any industry operator or service provider which has (a) never belonged to the California Bus Association, or (b) for which membership has lapsed and has subsequently changed ownership. Membership acceptance will be made upon completion of a quorum vote, at which time appropriate dues payment will be due. Please note that members who have allowed their membership to lapse and seek readmission, provided they hold the same ownership as while they were members, are not considered new applicants are not subject to board vote.

The California Bus Association offers the following membership categories

(Revised May 11, 2022)

Operator Members

“Operators” are defined as passenger carriers with vehicles of more than ten passengers, passenger stage scheduled operations such as sightseeing tours, airport services, transit, or charter operations with TCP (Transportation Charter Party) or PSC (Passenger Stage Carrier) holding Class A or B operating certificates, and P, S or Z permits authorizing operations within the state of California. Members in this category are entitled to one vote per company.

Dues Schedule

Dues are based on your fleet make-up with the California PUC as reported on your most recent renewal or fleet update filed with the Commission.

Base Membership Fee (does not include any fleet count): $350.00
Vehicle Fees:

  • $35 per each motorcoach, and
  • $20 per each "other" vehicle in the fleet, and
  • $10 per each school bus in the fleet

Dues are not to exceed $5,250 per member company.

Definitions of Applicable Vehicles

Motorcoaches: defined as passenger transportation vehicles at 35’ long or more
“Other” vehicles: defined as:

  • Cutaways less than 35’ long
  • Sprinters, Shuttle Vans, or Mini-Buses of 10 passengers or more
School Buses: defined as traditional yellow Body-on-Chassis vehicles utilized for student transport or charter work.:

Additional Requirements for all Operators

Operator Members will be required to furnish the following items annually:

  • Most current fleet list filed with the PUC
  • A copy of your PUC Certificate
    • Note: The CBA further requires an updated copy of this certificate at the time of its renewal.
  • Most recent terminal inspection - Inspection Summary page only
    • Note: The CBA further requires an updated copy of this document at the time of its renewal.
  • Current liability insurance certificate naming the California Bus Association as an additional insured
    • Note: The CBA further requires an updated copy of this certificate at the time of each insurance renewal.

New operator members are required to provide a completed membership application in addition to the aforementioned items.

Associate Members

“Associates” are defined as all non-motor coach operator companies. This is a non-voting membership category and annual dues are $475.00.

Affiliate Members

“Affiliates” are defined as non-California-based operator companies, not operating from California. This is a non-voting membership category and annual dues are $390.00.

Dues Pro-Ration Policy – New Membership Applicants Only

The CBA membership year is July 1 to June 30. For all new membership applicants joining mid-year, dues are prorated as follows:

  • Membership begun July 1 to December 31 of the initial membership year - Full annual dues
  • Membership begun January 1 to June 30 of the following year - One-half the annual dues

Dues to the California Bus Association are non-deductible as a charitable contribution but may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense. A portion of dues, however, is not deductible as an ordinary and necessary expense to the extent that CBA engages in lobbying. A portion of your CBA dues for 2022-2023 may be tax deductible. To inquire about the portion of dues which may be tax deductible for the coming tax year, please check with the CBA and with your tax accountant.

For more information on becoming a California Bus Association member, please email us at: information@cbabus.com or call 916-836-3340