LMTA Tire Program

State Trucking Association (STA) Member companies may, upon approval, participate in the Texas Trucking Association (TXTA) Yokohama, Michelin and BFGoodrich national tire account program. 

This program gives smaller trucking company members discounted new tire pricing at Yokohama, Michelin and BFGoodrich dealers nationwide. 

Companies save an average of 25 percent on new tire purchases. In addition, earthmover, retreads and light truck and passenger tires are also available on this program. Members have saved millions of dollars and strengthened bottom lines by using this program. 

Read more about the program below, and download the Application for Credit & Agreement. When the form is complete, please mail to the following address: 700 East 11th Street Austin, TX 78701

Getting Started

Companies interested in participating in this program must first become members of the LMTA. Joining the LMTA or another State Trucking Association does not automatically guarantee acceptance into the program. Companies must also pass stringent credit requirements to be enrolled into the program. This credit requirement also includes verification of creditworthiness of company principals. 

Making Purchases

Credit applications must be filled out in their entirety, which includes placing a credit card on file for delinquent accounts. Once creditworthiness is established, TXTA will notify the tire manufacturer’s headquarters to process the member company in their national network. This usually takes a few days. 

TXTA will notify the member when the tire manufacturer has completed the process to add to their system. This will include receiving the TXTA ‘bill to ID’ and the company’s unique ‘ship to ID’. These IDs can be used at dealerships nationwide when making Michelin purchases. 

Purchases can be made at dealerships nationwide by providing the dealership with the TXTA ‘bill to ID’ and the company’s unique ‘ship to ID’ as well as a purchase order number, name of individual making the purchase and a vehicle number if applicable. Dealership will submit the purchase details to Michelin headquarters for processing at national account pricing. 


Periodic price adjustments do occur based primarily on raw material cost fluctuations. TXTA will notify all participants of any impending price adjustments prior to those adjustments taking place so purchases can be planned in advance of any unfavorable price increase. 


Once the tire manufacturer’s headquarters receives the purchase details, Yokohama/ Michelin/ BFGoodrich will invoice TXTA for the purchase. TXTA will then invoice the company for their purchase. Invoices from TXTA will include purchase order numbers, names of individuals making the purchase, dealership contact information and vehicle number if provided on the invoice to aid companies in matching invoices with delivery receipts (DR). DR numbers will also be included on TXTA invoices. Invoices are due within 30 days of the invoice date.

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