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North and North Central Chapters Event

Update on Stress Ulcer Prophylaxis in the Intensive Care Unit

Virtual Via Zoom

Registration: 6:30 PM

Please plan to attend.

Office Closed - Holiday

Office Closed - Holiday

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2022 Annual Meeting & Exhibition

2022 Annual Meeting & Exhibition

Ocean Place Resort & Spa

Long Branch, NJ 07740

Please plan to attend.

Office Closed - Holiday

Office Closed - Holiday

Top 5 Poster Finalists

The poster finalists out of 70 reviewed abstracts

We would like to acknowledge all our poster presenters for their dedication and hard work for the research submitted to NJSHP. In reviewing 48 abstracts 5 were selected as poster finalists.

Thank you for your continued support and participation in the organization. 

NJSHP Annual Awards 2020 Winners

NJSHP would like to thank the following people

In the NJSHP Annual Awards of 2020 there were 9 winners across 8 categories

NJSHP Organizational Affairs Raffle Winners

Membership Interest Survey Raffle Winners

Congratulations to Juliet Reiter and Betty Luor!

We appreciate the feedback we receive from all of our members that responded to the survey!

NJ BOP and NJ DOH links and resources

The Board of Pharmacy and the Department of Health have information on COVID-19

NJSHP Advocating

A letter to the NJBOP

To our members:


I am pleased to announce that the New Jersey Society of Health-System Pharmacists (NJSHP) is advocating on behalf of our members on key issues that matter to you.  NJSHP drafted and approved a letter to be sent to the New Jersey State Board of Pharmacy (NJBOP) to inform them of concerns related to the new/revised/postponed USP chapters and the NJBOP regulations.  We will be working closely with the NJBOP on key issues with the goal of achieving better alignment with USP and state regulations as well as ensuring transparency of the expectations of the board to ensure New Jersey pharmacists and pharmacies remain compliant with the federal and state compounding laws.  See enclosed letter to the NJBOP.  Stay tuned for more information…





Navin Philips



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