Your NJSHP Membership Includes

Continuing Education Opportunities
NJSHP helps members enhance professional skills through educational programs on a spectrum of timely issues affecting the industry and health-system pharmacy practice. Programs are held on an ongoing basis at locations throughout the state. NJSHP is approved by the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education and the New Jersey Board of Pharmacy as a provider of continuing pharmaceutical education.

Professional Advocacy
NJSHP is your advocate on state legislative, regulatory and health care reform issues that affect your practice and our profession. Our Council on Legal and Public Affairs monitors activity and effectively represents the NJSHP membership before state regulatory and legislative bodies. NJSHP has had a profound impact on both the passage of favorable legislation and the defeat of legislation detrimental to health-system pharmacy.

Networking Opportunities
Membership in NJSHP provides access to a network of your peers for consultation on virtually any matter of professional interest.

Other NJSHP Activities and Accomplishments
  • NJSHP is your liaison with ASHP, the New Jersey Hospital Association, New Jersey Board of Pharmacy, New Jersey State Department of Health, Rutgers College of Pharmacy and New Jersey Council on Continuing Pharmacy Education.
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  •  Active support and participation in Hospital Pharmacy Week.
  •  Representation on the New Jersey Board of Pharmacy.
  •  Actively involved and instrumental in the revision of the 20-year old New Jersey Board of Pharmacy regulations.
  •  Recognition of outstanding service to the profession
  •  Representation on the ASHP Board of Delegates Objectives of the New Jersey Society of Health-System Pharmacists
  •  To promote rational, patient oriented drug therapy and drug use control in hospitals and other organized health care settings.
  •  To assist the profession in providing an adequate supply of qualified health-system pharmacists, and technicians.
  •  To assure the public a high quality professional practice through the establishment and maintenance of: (a) standards of professional ethics, education attainments and through promotion of economic welfare, and (b) liaison with appropriate governmental agencies, colleges of pharmacy, and other health organizations
  •  To disseminate pharmaceutical knowledge by providing for the interchange of drug information among institutional pharmacists, pharmacy students, members of pharmaceutical specialties, and other health professionals.