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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

HHS COVID-19 Update, 1/12/2021

Some big news coming out of today’s briefing on Operation Warp Speed. Secretary Azar’s full remarks can be found here.

During the briefing, HHS leadership noted:

  • We are making the full complement of doses manufactured available for order - no longer withholding second dose supplies upfront.
  • We are changing the allocation formula for vaccines to states (starting in 2 weeks) to take into account how effectively states are getting shots into arms from their allocations, as well as their population 65 & up.
  • We now have made 38 million doses available, which is more than the Phase 1A population - healthcare worker & seniors in nursing homes.
  • Why are some states not getting shots in arms faster?
  • Biggest issue - states being overly prescriptive in thinking they have to complete 1A before opening to others;
    over-reliance on hospitals as vaccine sites for the public;
  • figures are affected by a data entry lag (states are used to a 30-day reporting standard for vaccines, this is 3-days).
  • How big is the variation on how effectively states have gotten shots into arms from their allocation?
  • Some states have only used 15% of their allocation, others are above 80%.
  • Governors will receive clear guidance today from CDC that they should immediately expand to 65+ and those under 64 who have a comorbid condition.
  • We are helping states rapidly expand channels for vaccination.
  • If states wish to set up mass-vaccination sites, we stand ready to help.
  • States should immediately begin using the pharmacy partnerships to expand vaccinations.
  • $3 billion in additional funding to states on the way.

    Click here to learn more.


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