How to Join the Nebraska Home Care Association 

Applications for membership must be in writing and must provide such information with respect to the applicant as shall be prescribed by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall establish procedures for determining the eligibility of applicants for particular classes of membership and, consistent with these Bylaws, shall determine the rights and privileges of membership classes.

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Agency Provider Membership
  • Paper Application for Agency Provider membership
  • Associate Membership
  • Online Application for Associate membership
  • Paper Application for Associate membership
  • Friend of Home Care
  • Paper Application for Friend of Home Care membership
  • Hospice Provider Membership
  • Paper Application for Hospice provider membership
  • Individual Membership
  • Online Application for Individual membership
  • Paper Application for Individual membership
  • Palliative Care Provider Membership
  • Paper Application for Palliative Care Provider membership
  • Private Duty Provider Membership
  • Online Application for Private Duty Provider membership
  • Paper Application for Private Duty Provider membership

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    Address:  3901 Normal Blvd., Suite 100
    Lincoln, NE, 68506-5200

    Phone:  (402) 423-0718

    Fax:  (402) 476-6547


    About Us

    The Nebraska Home Care Association advocates for its members, in order to represent their interests and protect the services provided to beneficiaries. We depend on members to voice their opinions, share stories and insight to help us protect those rights and represent their businesses. The association strives to positively influence public policy efforts on behalf of members at the local, state and federal levels, provides regulatory and legislative updates and hosts professional development events to help ensure members receive up-to-date education in order to deliver care and services to their clients.





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