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Our staff have various background to assist the water and wastewater industry. From regulatory compliance questions, technical assistance, GPS/ GIS, line location, leak detection or using a drone for tank and tower inspection.Our staff can help water and wastewater utilities face the challenges of operating a small or large water or wastewater systems in New Jersey.  


Richard Howlett

Executive Director

As our Executive Director, Rick oversees the day-to-day operations of the Association and provides program oversight to the licensed operator technical assistance training. Rick is also the lead lobbyist for NJWA.   

Donna Winters

Office Manager

As Office Manager, Donna is responsible for daily operations of the office and most likely the voice you will hear when you call our office. Donna handles membership, licensing and advertising in our association newsletter.  

Water Circuit Riders

David Leister

Circuit Rider 1

Dave is our in-house regulatory and compliance guru. He has helped our system members with hundreds of Consumer Confidence Reports, MCL Violation question and valuable assistance in making sense of the complex regulatory and compliance aspect of our industry. You'll see Dave at our training session and on-site providing technical assistance to our members. 

Paul Britt, P.G. 

Circuit Rider 2 

Paul provides technical support with our website and social media channels. He deals with line location, leak detection and oversees our GPS/GIS technical assistance to our systems. An FAA licensed drone pilot Paul utilizes the associations DJI Phantom drone to do tank inspection and aerial survey for our water and wastewater systems throughout New Jersey.  

Wastewater/ Sourcewater 

Thomas Tsismetzoglou

Wastewater Circuit Rider

Thomas is our wastewater circuit rider and provides technical and regulatory support to our Wastewater Systems. Thomas has extensive knowledge in GIS and supports the GPS/GIS technical services the association provides. 

Mitchell Mickley

Sourcewater Protection

With a BS in Marine and Environmental Biology and Policy from Monmouth University, Mitch is our go to guy for Source Water Protection Planning (SWPP) and implementation efforts. Outreach, education, proactive and preventative measures are the most cost effective methods to achieving healthy and clean potable water. Mitch is a licensed FAA drone pilot and a certified Rutgers Green Infrastructure Champion. He can provide you with aerial surveys, green infrastructure guidance and our ground water model for all types of events. A presentation can be modified for all age groups and situations including classroom visits and water system tours. 

Energy Efficiency Program/Apprenticeship Program 

Robert Dow

Energy Efficiency Circuit Rider

Energy Efficiency Technical Assistance Program is designed to promote energy efficient practices in small water and wastewater systems. Funded through a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Utilities Service, the program performs energy assessments, recommends energy-efficient practices and technologies, and provides support in achieving recommendations. Technical support includes assisting with presentations to governing boards, accessing financing, training, and developing documentation.

Matthew Maffei

Apprenticeship Coodinator

Matt joined the NJ Water Association staff as our Apprenticeship Coordinator in May 2020, following a long career in the NJDEP’s water programs, retiring May 2019.
Matt will be working to promote and build NJ Water Association's registered Apprenticeship Program. This position requires addressing several related tasks, such as: recruiting prospective apprentices; establishing a network of participating utilities; managing apprentices throughout their 2-year apprenticeship; coordinating with the NJDOL, NRWA, & USDOL to ensure administrative and reporting requirements are addressed; and collaborating with training and educational organizations around NJ to ensure a robust curriculum for apprentices.

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Technical Assistance  

Helping systems navigate compliance and regulatory issues is only part of our services. Our technical assistance providers can help with GPS Data Collection, GIS system mapping for water, stormwater and wastewater.  Source Water Protection planning and educational outreach, along with line location services with Ground Penetrating Radar enables us to help many systems meet today's challenges in the field. Providing systems understanding of new and exciting technology like utilizing Drone technology to map vertical assets is all part of our membership. Join Now.  

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Technical Assistance

Compliance Assistance

GPS Data Collection

Drone Photography

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