Our Mission:"To enable our water and wastewater membership to safeguard the health of their users by providing leadership and professional services". 



System Membership

The water, wastewater, and solid waste industry face many challenges now and in the future due to increasingly complex regulations. These regulations place an increasing technical and financial burden on small communities and systems.Communities and systems must stay informed to keep up with changing laws and regulations governing their systems. Operators, managers, board members, and owners must maintain an adequate level of training to deal with these changes. NJWATER offers numerous services and educational opportunities in order to make this possible. We welcome communities and utilities to join our association. Our system membership gives those who join a portfolio of services and support unmatched in the water and wastewater industry.   




2022 Rates

Number of Connection

  • 1000 and Under: Connections
  • 1001 - 2000: Connections
  • 2001 - 4000: Connections
  • 4001 - 6000: Connections
  • 6001 - 10000: Connections
  • 10000 and Over: Connections


  • $: 430.00
  • $: 480.00
  • $: 530.00
  • $: 590.00
  • $: 670.00
  • $: 742.00
Individual Membership

Membership Rates:

  • Employed Full‐Time by a System or Business that is a CURRENT MEMBER of NJWA: $30.00
NOTE: If you are not sure your employer is a current member of NJWA, please call our office to confirm before

submitting your application and remitting payment

  • Retired or Employed by a System or Business that is NOT A MEMBER of NJWA: $110.00


Individual Membership Application (PDF)

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Contact Information

Individual employed by a Member System

$ 30.00 /year

Individual with Non-Membership Employment or Retired

$ 110.00 /year
Why Become a Member of NJWA?

Service, Technology and Support. 

Water & Wastewater Services

GPS & GIS Solutions For Small Systems

Learn more about the many services, technical assistance and training we provide to water and wastewater systems throughout New Jersey.