The more Louisiana credit unions get involved, the more we can influence our regulations for the better.

Hundreds of regulations which govern the practices of your institutions are consistently updated and added to. LCUL is your voice, communicating with local, state and federal regulators to help shape proposed rules based on input from our member credit unions. With the help of Dollar & Associates, we disseminate timely information regarding new regulations and federal and state proposals to keep you in the know.

Additionally, we offer regulatory advocacy guidance to help credit unions make their voices heard. We coordinate credit unions' support for or concerns about a proposal, and help communicate any changes they would like to see. Through regular meetings, roundtables and comment letters, credit unions have the opportunity to directly communicate with the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Louisiana Office of Financial Intuitions (LOFI).

LCUL works in conjunction with CUNA to keep Louisiana credit unions informed about the most important changes happening in Washington that impact credit unions.

LCUL represent the interests of Louisiana credit unions with state elected officials, and lobbies on issues of industry importance. We work closely with the Office of Financial Institutions (LOFI) and the National Association of State Credit Union Supervisors (NASCUS) to engage in conversations that echo the concerns of our state chartered credit unions.

When a regulator issues a proposal, there is a period of time set aside for comment (usually 30-90 days) when the regulator encourages credit unions to comment on the proposal. When the comment period ends, the regulator reviews the comment letters and determines if any changes should be made before issuing a final rule. Without comment letters, the regulators would have no reason to review the proposal prior to issuing the final rule.

On behalf of Louisiana’s credit unions, the League sends numerous comment letters every year to regulatory agencies regarding the unnecessary hardships proposed rules pose, as well as unintended consequences. Comments from the League are often incorporated into the final versions of proposed rules thereby helping to lessen compliance burdens for credit unions.

To receive a copy of a recently submitted comment letter, contact our Advocacy Department.