Sponsored by the Louisiana Credit Union Foundation, the Louisiana Credit Union Hall of Fame has been established in order to recognize the valuable leadership, commitment, dedication, and contributions of credit union professionals and volunteers throughout the state. Those inducted have given their time, talents, and ingenuity in order to enhance and strengthen the credit union movement. 

A complete listing of Hall of Fame inductees can be found at the bottom of this page. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Lacey H. Weaver.

LCUL's 2021 Excellence in Marketing Awards

Creating amazing work may be its own reward, but having your work seen and recognized by the credit union community is inspiring, encouraging and energizing. The Excellence in Marketing Awards seek to reward marketing and business development teams that truly understand their member as they focus on outcomes, not outputs.

Louisiana credit unions have the opportunity to submit an entry in six (6) categories: Annual Report, Business/SEG Marketing, Community Outreach, Digital Marketing, Newsletter, and Social Media.

NEW! This year, LCUL will be awarding the ‘Best of the Best’ award to one winning entry in each asset category. All entries will be judged by an all-star panel of industry influencers and experts in the field.

Due to the overwhelming number of entries, we’ve expanded the asset categories as follows: $0 - $50 million, $50 - $200 million, $200 - $500 million, and $501 million and over. 

Congratulations to the 2021 Award Winners!

CUNA's National Awards program is designed to encourage and recognize distinguished credit unions that demonstrate social responsibility, the credit union philosophy, and financial education. 

  • Desjardins Youth Financial Education Award: recognizes leadership on behalf of youth financial literacy; considers all activities supporting the personal finance education of young (18 and under) members. Chapters (or groups) and individual credit unions are eligible to enter.
  • Desjardins Adult Financial Education Award: recognizes model credit union efforts to teach personal finance concepts and skills to members and nonmembers age 18 and older.
  • Dora Maxwell Social Responsibility Recognition Award: Recognizes a credit union or chapter for its community involvement in an activity that helps other people or strengthens the structure of their community. Credit union chapters and individual credit unions are eligible to enter.
  • Louise Herring Award for Philosophy in Action: recognizes a credit union for programs and activities offered to its membership. Only individual credit unions are eligible to enter.

    Note: winners of the recognition awards will be entered on a national level.

Hall of Fame Recipients

Linda Bankston, St. Tammany FCU
Charles Holdeman, Post Office Employees CU
Joleen Martin, Centric FCU
Betty Mitchell-Chretien, Southwest Louisiana CU
Harold E. 'Budd' Manuel, Louisiana FCU
Elaine Prewett, St. Tammany FCU

Dawn Harris, Campus FCU 
Debbie Kidder, University of Louisiana FCU 
Dr. Kenneth Paxton, Campus FCU
Michael Leonards, Meritus CU
Roy Walling, Barksdale FCU
Virgil Allen, Louisiana Credit Union League
Joe Barreca, Louisiana Credit Union League
Kathy Bourgeois, Access of Louisiana FCU
C. Gleason Copeland, Centric FCU
Charlie Kramer, ANECA FCU
Bobby Major, Louisiana Credit Union League
Connie Major, Louisiana Credit Union League
Margie Self, LPFCU
Joseph Speligene, Ascension CU
Kenneth Villemarette, Lafayette Schools FCU
John E. Zitzmann III, Centric FCU
Tina Atkins, Kraftman FCU
Allen A. Dugas, Lafayette Schools FCU
Maureen Genovese, Shell New Orleans FCU
Nat Gisclaire, Lafayette Schools FCU
B. Fay Jackson, Centric FCU
Marguerite Jones, Iberville FCU
Vicki O’Brien, Jefferson Parish Employees FCU
Dawn L. Ruggles, VAC FCU
Edward B. Shaver, Centric FCU
Emily Stewart, Iberville FCU
Judy Cox, Meritus CU
Susie Fair, Louisiana Credit Union League
Katie Pilcher, Ouachita Valley FCU
Connie Roy, Meritus CU
Margaret Tanner, Ascension CU
Clark Yelverton, CSE FCU

Cheryl N. Ray, Heart of Louisiana CU
Frances Webre Skiffington, UNO FCU
Hunter O. Wagner, Jr., St. Tammany FCU
Jeffrey K. Conrad, Pelican State CU
Joyce Dastugue Finicle, UNO FCU
Mrs. Jerry Caillier, Lafayette Schools FCU
Tom Conner, Southwest Louisiana CU
Isadore "Izzy" Brown, Shell Geismar FCU
Sharlene Begnaud, CU Cooperative Branching, LLC
Ray A. Bordelon, Lafayette Schools FCU
Audrey D. Cerise, ASI FCU
Judy DeLucca, New Orleans Firemen's FCU
Dr. James Fortenberry, Southern Teachers & Parents FCU
Roosevelt Howard, Livingston Parish FCU
Vince Liberto, CUNA Mutual Group & LCUL
James Lea Liner, Ouachita Valley FCU
Stanley Dale Liner, Ouachita Valley FCU
John Milazzo, Jr., CU Cooperative Branching, LLC
Martha Morris, Shreveport FCU
Paul Bertuccini, Louisiana Central CU
Jessie Champagne, Section 705 FCU
Anne Cochran, Louisiana Credit Union League
M.E. (Red) Craighead, Centric FCU
Charles George, Jr., Jefferson Parish Employees FCU
Helen Godfrey-Smith, Shreveport FCU
Carl Lazarone, Jefferson Parish Employees FCU
Donald LeBlanc, Lafayette Schools FCU
Frieda Massingale, Centric FCU
LaNard Robinet, Louisiana Federal CU
Stan Stucke, Louisiana Central CU
Julius Wagoner, Ouachita Valley FCU
Joseph Battaglia, Post Office Employees CU
J. Reginald Coco, Jr., La Capitol FCU 
Ronaldo Hardy, Southwest Louisiana FCU 
Donald McInnis, Access of Louisiana FCU 
Patricia Morris, Monroe Telco FCU 
Al Oar, Barksdale FCU 
Sidney ParfaitPost Office Employees CU 
Vahid Parvazi, University of New Orleans FCU & New Orleans Firemen's FCU
Wayne Staton, Heart of Louisiana CU
Anna T. SuireSection 705 FCU 

Joseph S. Carter, New Orleans Firemen's FCU
Alden J. Clesi, New Orleans Firemen's FCU
Thomas "Tom" Colley, Section 705 FCU
Marcus Denais, Lafayette Schools FCU
Dr. Larry R. deRoven, McNeese FCU & Lake Charles Chapter
Edgar L. Fontaine, Louisiana Central CU
Ken Gardner, CSE FCU
John F. Hoolahan, New Orleans Firemen's FCU
Joseph J. Jurisich III, New Orleans Firemen's FCU
William R. Miller Jr., New Orleans Firemen's FCU
Pleasant Self Jr., Livingston Parish FCU
Mark E. Rosa, CU Cooperative Branching, LLC
Reggie Gremillion, CU Cooperative Branching, LLC
Kathi M. Gill, Neighbors FCU
Virgil Barnette, Barksdale FCU
Glen Beard, Alexandria Municipal Employees CU
Chuck Harrington, National Credit Union Administration
Bodin Hugger, Louisiana Federal CU
Marah Nell Jones, Bogalusa Schools FCU
Patricia L. Matthieu, University of Louisiana FCU
Hugh V. McCarty, Jr, Heart of Louisiana FCU
Terry Roy, Lafayette Schools FCU
Linda Saucier, Heart of Louisiana FCU
Graydon Walker, Neighbors FCU
Fred Banks, Livingston Parish FCU
Donald T. Bock, New Orleans Firemen's FCU
Guy C. Comes, Post Office Employees CU
Betsy Hooper, La Capitol FCU
Charles M. Johnson, Louisiana Credit Union League
Charles W. Kramer, ANECA FCU
Susan Leake, La Capitol FCU
Hattie B. Johnson, Livingston Parish FCU
Cora K. Pania, SAIF FCU & Livingston Parish FCU
Carolyn Ricks, Louisiana Credit Union League
Richard Turnley, Jr., Southern Teachers & Parents FCU
Donna Wagoner, Ouachita Valley FCU