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Every member of your Board of Directors is required to have a solid understanding of your credit union’s financials. We know how challenging it can be to gather your directors together in one place at one time for such vital training. Even before the pandemic hit you had to navigate your volunteer’s day jobs and other commitments. Now in the midst of the pandemic, gathering is just not practical, so we are excited to partner with Tim Harrington of Team Resources to offer you the next best thing to an in person training!

In this five part video series, you and your entire board will gain unlimited access to Tim Harrington on video walking you through the financials you need to fully execute your duties with confidence. The best part is you can do this all from the comfort of your own home and re-watch it as often as you like during your chosen purchase window.

In five videos, totaling just under four hours, you will master:

  • CAMEL Ratios, Balance Sheets, Income Statements
  • The Importance of Capital
  • Profit and Spread Analysis
  • Special Accounting Issues
  • Asset Liability Management
  • Video package also comes with a bonus downloadable workbook.

This video series captures the essence of a live class. There is no power point here and it’s not a webinar either. This series will showcase the real energy and charisma of Tim’s teaching style which includes layman’s terminology and highlights Tim’s artistic talent to help drive home an important point.

Educational Investment

You choose the access level to best suit your board’s training needs.

  • 30 days of unlimited access from purchase date- $995
  • 6 months of unlimited access from purchase date - $1995

Note: Your purchase gives you everything needed to train your entire board no matter how many members. You are also able to train anyone on your staff who may benefit from this training.

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