What is ALICE?

As evidenced in increasingly common news reports, the chance of the average citizen being thrust into an active shooter or violent intruder situation has dramatically risen over the last few years. The ALICE Training Institute recognized the need for enhanced response options and training for all citizens.

ALICE training is the original options-based active shooter response program, and was designed to replace the one-size-fits-all inadequate “secure-in-place” response plan. Recommended and implemented in many Federal and State official guidelines and mandates, ALICE strategies can improve survival chances in active shooter or violent intruder situations.

ALICE addresses the fallacies of a secure-in-place response plan by explaining the truths and realities of Violent Intruder events. The reality is that through training and empowerment, citizens can apply the ALICE strategies to improve survival chances.

LCUL has partnered with the ALICE Training Institute to bring this outstanding and convenient training to Louisiana credit unions at an affordable price.

To learn more about the training program, visit the ALICE Training Institute website

Products and Services

Products and Services offered can be customized to meet the needs of your organization.

  • ALICE Subscription based e-Learning Services
  • ALICE Hosted Services
  • ALICE Professional Services for Implementation and Support
  • ALICE Vulnerability and Threat Assessments


LCUL members have the opportunity to bring Active Shooter Civilian Response training to their organization at a discounted price. Take part in a 5% discount on any ALICE Training product and service!

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