The Louisiana Credit Union League has a variety of strategic planning sessions available for you at no additional cost, that can be tailored to your available time and level of need. We offer:

CU DNA: A look at your mission, vision, core values, core competencies, and your culture and brand. This session take about 2 hours.

Developing credit union planning: This session is the shortest session, at 1.5 to 2 hours, and provides a basic situation analysis, financial goals, identifies focus areas and lays groundwork for a one year "to do" list.

Achieving credit union planning: This session runs from 2 to 4 hours, and provides the basic situation analysis, a bit more in depth financial review, and external environmental review. You will also develop your key focus areas, with goals, objectives, and tasks, along with training to write action plans and use mind maps.

Innovating credit union planning: For credit unions willing to devote a full day (8 hour or more) to the planning process, you can get the basics, and explore alternative ways to analyze your performance, such as Balanced Scorecard. This session includes more in depth financial review and resources. In addition, you may schedule a follow up session for management to understand how to move the plan forward.

For each of these sessions, you will receive a written plan customized to your needs!

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