The Louisiana Foundation was established to provide financial assistance for statewide disaster relief efforts and provide educational opportunities for credit union professionals.

Working with credit unions, chapters and community organizations, the Foundation moves to achieve its mission of changing people's lives by promoting education, disaster relief and credit union relevance.

Aid in Disaster relief fund: In times of natural disasters, concern for our credit unions and the communities they serve is a top priority for the League and the Louisiana CU Foundation. We have a disaster relief fund that is available to assist our credit union employees that are impacted by a natural disaster. Money from the designated disaster relief fund gets distributed directly to those in need so they can stabilize their lives and continue to serve their members.

Promote Professional Development: We want credit unions to succeed. That's why we support continuous education for employees and provide scholarships to assist small asset credit union staff in achieving professional excellence. The Louisiana Credit Union Foundation awards scholarships throughout the year to attend the in-state educational events offered by LCUL.

Simply put, because we're better together. Individually we can all have an impact, but when we combine our resources, that impact dramatically expands. Together, we can help others on a scale that wouldn't be possible alone. Your support makes it possible for the Foundation to proudly promote and demonstrate the credit union philosophy in Louisiana.

Everything we accomplish stems from our mission to empower people to improve their financial well-being. We achieve our goals thanks to the generous support from credit unions, chapters, corporate sponsorships, Community Investment Fund investors, LCUL, industry groups and individual donations.

Donations: Individuals or organizations can donate directly to the Foundation by mailing a check along with Donation Form to LCUL. The Louisiana Foundation has a direct relationship with the National Credit Union Foundation. All checks should be made payable to NCUF with 'Louisiana Foundation' in the memo and mailed directly to the League.

Memorials & Honorariums: What better way to connect the “people helping people” philosophy to your colleagues and friends that through a gift to the charitable organization dedicated to helping Louisiana credit unions.

Fundraisers: The Louisiana CU Foundation will host a variety of fundraisers and events to help it grow. Watch for information in upcoming League communications.

Hall of Fame: Sponsored by the Louisiana Credit Union Foundation, the Louisiana Credit Union Hall of Fame has been established in order to recognize the valuable leadership, commitment, dedication, and contributions of credit union professionals and volunteers throughout the state. A donation on behalf of the inductee is made to the Foundation. Click here for more information.

Invest in the CIF: When you invest in the Community Investment Fund (CIF), you become an integral partner in the shaping of social initiatives of the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF). NCUF's Community Investment Fund is an award-winning philanthropic model that enables the credit union community to invest in a traditional deposit account, and contribute a portion of the interest earned to support NCUF's national grant programs as well as the good works of the Louisiana Credit Union Foudation. By investing in the CIF's General Fund, you help to expand the capacity of credit unions in Louisiana to serve their members and their communities, while earning a return for your credit union.

How it Works: Credit unions investing in CIF receive 50 percent of the dividend of their investment. The remaining 50 percent is distributed to the National Credit Union Foundation, half of which the Foundation returns, pro-rata, to the state foundations. The National Credit Union Foundation has placed a cap of 2% on the portion of the dividend they are to receive. Therefore, any dividend over four percent is returned to the credit union. Click here for more information.