LCUL's celebrates 10 years of preparing credit union professionals to become certified financial counselors through our enhanced version of CUNA's Certified Financial Counseling program (FiCEP). Upon earning their Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor Designation (CCUFC) designation, our graduates are ready to assist members on the road to financial wellness.

Our enhanced program uses the CUNA FiCEP edition 5 textbook and adds elements to help participants easily grasp and retain counseling concepts and knowledge. Our engaging and interactive webinars use relevant examples and our fill-in-the blank study guides and live exam prep session help reinforce the knowledge you need to pass the exam and effectively perform your counseling duties.

The 2022 Enhanced FiCEP curriculum includes:

  • 1 textbook divided into 33 chapters to be read at the student’s pace prior to webinar viewing
  • 8 tutorial webinars that spotlight, reinforce and further explain important details from the textbook
  • 8 fill-in-the-blank study guides with answer keys to accompany each webinar
  • 1 live instructor-led zoom exam preparation session using anonymous polling and group discussion
  • 1 pre-recorded exam prep video that highlights textbook areas to focus on
  • 1 instructor led training day to include instruction recap, role playing, mind mapping program implementation, idea sharing & best practices
  • Take-away tool kit including budget spreadsheets, spending plans, program decision guides, action plans, tracking methods and more!
  • 1 League proctored online certification test consisting of 100 questions
  • NEW for 2022: Online Counselor Community to network, ask questions & share ideas with new and existing counselors from multiple partner states

This course is semi self-paced. We provide the suggested schedule below to keep you on track to complete your final exam and participate in the training day with the entire class of graduates. Some weeks your reading and viewing will be shorter than others but the average is 30 pages a week with webinar length averaging 45 minutes.

  • Week of January 31: Complete Chapters 1 – 4 / View Webinar 1
  • Week of February 7: Complete Chapters 5 – 9 / View Webinar 2
  • Week of February 14: Complete Chapters 10 – 14 / View Webinar 3
  • Week of February 21: Complete Chapters 15 – 20 / View Webinar 4

We suggest giving yourself a break the week of February 28 or use that time to catch up if needed.

  • Week of March 7: Complete Chapters 21 – 25 / View Webinar 5
  • Week of March 14: Complete Chapters 26 – 28 / View Webinar 6
  • Week of March 21: Complete Chapters 29 - 30 / View Webinar 7
  • Week of March 28: Complete Chapters 30 – 33 / View Webinar 8

April 12 – Instructor led zoom exam prep session 9:00 am – 10:00 am

April 14 - Online Exam Administered via Zoom from 9:00 am – 11:00 am (make up dates TBA)

April 28 - Instructor led Training Day from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (location TBA & details subject to change)

All testing is done online so that students receive their grades instantly and privately. Students must have access to a device with internet connectivity & camera capabilities. Make up dates for virtual testing will be announced for anyone who misses the exam date. All exams will be completed by May 13.

$895 per person – Please note we will be using the 5th edition of the textbook, previous editions will be incompatible with the 5th edition exam.

For those with permanent access to a 5th edition textbook, you may register under the “no textbook” option for $695.

Registration closes January 7, 2022 to ensure timely arrival of books

Anyone desiring to become one should have the opportunity to do so, buy we especially recommend this program for Lending Staff, Collections Staff, Branch Managers, Trainers and Educators.

Over 700 Louisiana Credit Union Professionals have already completed the program and earned their Credit Union Certified Financial Counselor (CCUFC) Designation to help members achieve financial health. Register now to join their ranks!

*Registration for this program has now closed. Please email FiCEP@lcul.com if you have any questions.*

Click the arrows below to hear from your peers why you should invest in FiCEP for your team!

  • "Our latest Credit Score Migration Analysis showed that over 18% of our membership has improved their credit score since their loan originated. I’m confident that this is a direct result of our staff being more confident with their skills based off the education provided through FiCEP"

    Chad Miller, Southwest Louisiana CU
  • "Since implementing the FiCEP program we now see the effects of a more informed and confident staff of lenders. By using the information learned through FiCEP, we are bringing in new members and developing a closer, more trusting relationship with the current membership. We are is seeing a very positive outcome from the program and highly recommend it to all credit unions."

    Lloyd Cockerham, Ascension CU
  • "Going through the FiCEP Program with LCUL has not only taught me how to help my members, but also how to help myself. I was able to learn things that will help my finances, and in doing that, I will be able to help my members with theirs."

    Bailey Beaugh, NAS JRB FCU
  • "Completion of the FiCEP program has provided me additional tools to help our members with their finances and for them to one day see a better outlook for their future."

    Dacia Delacerda, Jefferson Financial FCU
  • "Good credit is earned, not given. Going thru the FiCEP Program has helped me get a better understanding of how important it is to have good credit."

    Connie Robbs, NAS JRB FCU