The Washington Fire Chiefs' vision is to be an organization where:

  • Our state based focus provides high quality services that are responsive to the changing needs of our members and external agencies.
  • We can create an environment that provides open, timely and relevant communication both internally and externally.
  • Legislative advocacy will be a primary focus.
  • High quality education and professional development meets the diverse needs of our agencies.
  • We value each other, the members we serve, and our commitment to the Washington Fire Chiefs Mission.


  • Goal  1: Strengthen and improve internal relationships with our members as measured by a reduction of distracting conflict and increased interest based problem solving resulting in improved outcomes.

  • Goal  2: Build on existing legislative relationships to maximize influence in the legislative process as measured by our effectiveness on a collective fire service agenda.

  • Goal  3: Strengthen and improve external fire partnership relationships, especially the WFCA, WSFFA, WSCFF, DNR, Military Department-EMD, and WSP as measured by feedback from Board members and staff from those organizations.

  • Goal  4: Increase proactive communication and contact with members on critical issues as measured by feedback from the county chief organizations.

  • Goal 5: Strengthen support staff relationships and office systems in an environment that is positive and continues to meet the needs of our customers as measured by staff/customer feedback during six month and annual reviews.

  • Goal 6: Increase involvement and participation of our members in the strategic plan development and the execution of that collaborative document as measured by post development surveys.

  • Goal  7: Increase membership values in the eyes of current and potential members as measured by membership recruitment and retention data.

  • Goal 8: Increase revenues through partnerships with vendors, fire service partners and the Fire Rescue Wellness Corporation as measured against historic annual revenues.

  • Goal 9: Continue to be the premier resource fire chief’s use when they are facing a crisis within their agency or region as measured by documenting the contacts and outcomes.

  • Goal 10: Serve, Educate and Lead by being mission driven, goal oriented, using good character and Omega Style Leadership (proficiency, action and relationships.)


Providing leadership through service, education and advocacy.


  • Embracing innovation
  • Building collaborative relationships
  • Respecting the diversity of people, sections and organizations
  • Promoting accountability
  • Ensuring accountability
  • Ensuring responsiveness
  • Establishing and maintaining effective communications
  • Serving with integrity
  • Providing technical guidance 
  • Honoring the traditions of duty, courage and public service