What is the Basic Fire Fighter Training Program?

The Basic Fire Fighter Training Program is designed by the The Office of the State Fire Marshal to provide fire departments and fire protection districts with resources and financial support to facilitate and enable the training of fire fighters to minimum safety requirements. The program addresses the currently adopted NFPA 1001-2002 edition in modular format, NFPA 1403-1997 edition, NFPA 472-2001 edition and applicable sections of WAC 296-305.

Participation is open to any city fire department or fire protection district in the State of Washington. The program requires that participants receive training, at the discretion of their department as described in eleven modules. To begin the application process, download the Program Manual, go to the application and complete Section 1.

Program Support

Our Program Manual thoroughly explains the program and provides information about training requirements, the application process, and the reimbursement schedule. It also contains useful information for developing instructors and volunteer recruit schools.

Basic Fire Fighter Training Resources

The Training Resources section of the Program Manual provides various means for fire departments to acquire and share knowledge and resources. The benefits of sharing knowledge and resources include reducing duplication, sharing best practices, opening communication, and increasing standardization.These materials are offered as a resource for non-commercial use only. The Fire Protection Bureau (FPB) makes no warranties as to their accuracy, completeness, or adequacy. Users should critically review these materials for accuracy and adequacy before using. The FPB is not responsible or liable for damages of any kind resulting from a user's reliance on these materials. 


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