Department Membership


Joining the WFC unlocks networking, educational and resource opportunities that could help your organization be more successful.  Our membership identified that out of all our many benefits, the top reasons for maintaining active membership are:

~Professional Development Opportunities
~State & Local Legislative Influence
~Information on Time Sensitive Emerging Issues
~ Assistance with Problem Solving
~ Emergency Vehicle Incident Response Program

The WFC also provides a monthly newsletter, notifications on upcoming training and an annual magazine.  



This membership is open to fire service organizations. Dues are based on assessed valuation and range from FREE  to $1500.00.

Department membership qualifies the fire organization to have active voting members. The job title of each of these members must be a Chief Fire Officer position (generally they include "Chief" in the title, but exceptions are made for "Administrators" and such.) A number of member benefits are associated with this level of membership, including free job postings and classified ads, access to Members Only resources, regular email communications regarding critical and emerging issues, discounts on training and registrations fees, and the Member Request service.

In addition to Chief Fire Officer Members, Department level members may have unlimited membership in these professional Sections.  There are currently five Sections serving several disciplines within the fire service. 

  • Fire Mechanics   
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Administrative Support & IT
  • Public Fire Educators 
  • Fire Training, Safety & Officers
  • HazMat and Special Operations Committee
Section members qualify the member to receive regular communications and news items relevant to their field of expertise. Regular training and workshops are offered throughout the year to provide career development and networking opportunities. Members are granted access to Members Only resources (for Sections with a members only area), receive the Association's monthly newsletter, and are provided discounts on training and other services.

Contact the business office to join as a Department member - Phone 360-352-0161.


What is the membership term?


Is it possible to pay my renewal invoice after January 1?

Yes!  We are flexible with payment and can work within your budget constraints.  Membership renewals are sent out in October, and we will send a reminder in late January for those departments that need to pay after the end of the calendar year.

Who is included in a department membership?

Any Chief Officers qualifies to be part of the Washington Fire Chiefs Membership.  All other Department personnel may have unlimited membership in any of our six section: Fire Administrative Support, Fire Mechanics, Public Fire Educators, HazMat & Special Ops, Training, Safety & Officers and EMS.  There is no additional charge for individual members within your department.

How do I add individuals to a membership?

To add individuals during your renewal, simply update the enclosed form with your additions and deletions.  If you have a long list, you may email the list of personnel to the WFC office at  

If you need to add or delete an individual after the renewal has been submitted, simply call or email the office and provide us with their name, title and email.

What benefits will I receive?

  • ~Discounts on Registration for all WFC Training Opportunities
  • ~State & Local Legislative Influence
  • ~Information on Emerging Issues
  • ~Problem Solving & Resource Assistance
  • ~Member Requests for advice, sample documents & information
  • ~Access to the WFC Online Resource Library and Fire Service Directory
  • ~Subscription to Monthly Newsletter, and Annual Washington Fire Chief magazine
  • ~Free Job, Classified & Event Ads on the WFC website
  • ~Member Discounts with Industry Partners
  • ~Representation on Fire Service Stakeholder Committees