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2017 Washington Fire Symposium

2017 Washington Fire Symposium
Make plans to attend the 2017 Washington Fire Symposium, presented by the Washington State Training, Safety & Officers Section.  February 25- March 1, 2017; Yakima

We all know that in recent years, some organizations have cut back on conferences and events. It is known that during tough budget times, businesses that continued to spend on advertising and employee training fared better that those that did not. I believe the same holds true fire the fire service, both in public education and firefighter/officer development. 

A great way to engage and be proactive is sponsoring staff to attend the Washington Fire Symposium. Centrally located, this symposium is somewhat close to home or requiring minimal travel. Attending the symposium, in-person, has the following advantages:
-Keynote speakers and top-notch classes: Deputy Chief George Healy is a perfect example. A 25 year veteran of the FDNY. Presently assigned to Division 13 Queens NY. DC Healy will be presenting “Modern Fire Behavior" and "UL-NIST Live Fire Dynamics for Fire Officers” at the upcoming 2017 symposium. If you want to hear the information from the horse’s mouth, here is your opportunity. This is just one example of a number of quality classes to be had.

-Meeting a wide variety of people: You can, of course, make connections electronically, but in-person events have a way of bringing together those who might not normally find the reason to speak. In-person attendance is advantages  so that nothing is “lost in translation,” such as body language, spoken nuances, etc.

-Social functions: There’s a lot of work that goes on during formal events and sessions, but arguably just as much can happen at unofficial or social functions, such as receptions, after-hours gatherings, lunches, and dinners.
- Networking: There’s an undebatable advantage to networking in-person.  Networking is a major part of the conference, whether intended by the conference organizers or not. There is an opportunity to network with vendors during the “Vendor Show”, not to mention the numerous door prizes.

As the number of attendees goes up so does the opportunity to offer bigger, better training opportunities in the future. This will benefit all that attend allowing of the symposium to grow even more. Support the Washington State Fire Symposium and support the whole fire service.

The Washington State Training, Safety & Officers Section appreciates all comments and suggestions. Feel free to contact us anytime. More information about the 2017 Washington Fire Symposium is available on the web at:

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