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Posted: Jun 27, 2018

Webinar: How to Apply for a Local Records Grant


 A recording of the hour long webinar How to Apply for a Local Records Grant is now available at Washington State Archives’ website at:


The Online Grant Application form will be available on July 2, 2018.

If anyone has questions or would like assistance in planning and preparing their application, please email

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Posted: Feb 21, 2018

Admin of the Year Award

Nominations need to be submitted to the WFC office by Friday, April 20, 2018 to

  • Nominee can be nominated by any WFC member, belonging to any WFC Section – please include: nominees name, position title, years of service;
  • The nominee must be a current member of the WFAS;
  • Nomination should list the nominee’s administrative accomplishments and contributions during the previous year as well as their leadership abilities, demonstration of professional performance and personal character.  A short story should be submitted to enhance the nominee’s accomplishments.
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Posted: Aug 8, 2017


We currently have an opening on the WFAS Executive Board for an Eastern Representative, partial term, to serve through May 2018 (until the conference in which an election will take place for a two-year term).


Please submit a Statement of Interest to, no later than Tuesday, August 15, for consideration at our upcoming Board Meeting in Walla Walla.


Feel free to reference the WFAS Board Campaign on the website for more information on Board involvement or reach out to a Board Member.


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Posted: Sep 23, 2016

Press Release from South Metro Fire Rescue

South Metro Fire Rescue Opens Recruiting for Paramedic/Firefighters


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Posted: Jul 26, 2016

Users of SCOTT SAFETY SCBA Full Facepiece: AV-3000 SureSeal, AV-3000 HT, AV-2000, and other similar designs

Dislodged Sizing Dot Inside Regulator Diaphragm

TO: Users of SCOTT SAFETY SCBA Full Facepiece: AV-3000 SureSeal , AV-3000 HT, AV-2000, and other similar designs

FROM: Division Chief of Safety Don Schwab, City of Everett Fire Department

DATE: July 13, 2016

SUBJECT: Dislodged Sizing Dot Inside Regulator Diaphragm

Recently one of our firefighters experienced smoke inhalation during a training incident. The exposure was caused by a dislodged sizing dot found wedged in the regulator diaphragm. This allowed outside contaminated air to enter into the mask.

The sizing dots are originally attached by adhesive during the manufacturing process. They are black or color coded by size. Figure 1 shows the sizing dots as they come from the manufacturer. Figure 2 shows a mask with missing sizing dots.

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