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New EVIP Program

The Washington Fire Chiefs EVIP Program is changing.  As most of you know, the EVIP program is due for re-accreditation in 2013.  Rather than update the existing program, the EVIP committee elected to go in a different direction. 

We have attempted to update the materials to make both the instructors' and students' jobs easier.  This new program has a section which spells out the annual continuing education requirements, such as:  Accident Case Reviews, Rodeo, Road Course, etc.  It also has an Instructor re-certification requirement whereby instructors must attend a Train-the-Trainer course once every five years.

Some of the highlights of the new EVIP program are:

  • Compliant with NFPA 1002, 2009 Edition
  • New Powerpoint Presentation
  • New Videos
  • Customizable Powerpoint slides for Department/District specific needs
  • New Student manual with up-to-date handouts

The WFC will maintain a data base of students and instructors.


We are excited about this change and believe the result will be a high quality EVIP program from which will continue to provide CDL exemption for the fire service.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do EVIP Students and Instructors need to participate in EVIP continuing education?

Yes.  The new EVIP program includes a continuing education component for both the EVIP drivers and the EVIP trainer.  EVIP trainers need to attend a EVIP Train-the-Trainer class once every five years.  EVIP drivers need to participate in annual continuing education.  There are several options for EVIP driver continuing education:
  1. Accident case review (either an accident that occurred in your department or locate an accident on
  2. EVIP Rodeo
  3. EVIP Road course
  4. Review 4 chapters from the EVIP course. 

Who approves the firefighter drivers training programs for Washington State?

All Wa. State Firefighter drivers training programs must be accredited with WSP Standards and accreditation.    Per RCW these programs must be submitted for approval and resubmitted every five years. WSP Standards and accreditation have an agreement with Washington State Dept of Licensing, Commercial Drivers Licensing, to review and approve Drivers training programs for firefighters. Currently there are three programs that are accredited and approved in Wa. State for firefighters:

  1. Washington Fire Chiefs EVIP
  2. VFIS
  3. International Association of Professional Drivers (formerly known as NAPD) 

Do we need to have all of our Firefighter/Drivers go through the entire new EVIP course?

Provided your EVIP drivers have been actively participating in EVIP continuing education they do not need to retake the full EVIP course.  The new EVIP program has provisions for 4 different types of continuing education.  If your drivers have not been participating in continuing education we strongly encourage you to have them go through the full new EVIP course.

When will be see the new EVIP Program CDROMS's?

As soon as the new EVIP program is approved by WSP Standards & Accreditation we will begin mailing CDROM's to the students that have attended EVIP Train-the-Trainer classes. 

Are there any EVIP Train-the-Trainer classes being offered in the near future?

The next scheduled EVIP Train-the-Trainer is planned for June 1, 2013 in Yakima.  Registration will be available shortly on  As soon as the new EVIP program is approved by WSP Standards & Accreditation we will schedule additional T-T-T classes.


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