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Be Prepared for Winter...Protect Your Property

Winter is just around the corner, which means freezing temperatures.  Check your buildings, including any vacant buildings, to make sure there is enough heat to prevent pipes from freezing. Pipes can freeze wherever they are exposed to cold air, even in buildings with insulation.  Pipes that are under sinks and enclosed in a cabinet have the potential to freeze as the heat may not reach the pipes.

Here are a few other precautions to consider:

·         Service your heaters and replace filters.

·         Caulk around pipes where they enter the building.

·         Clean gutters and downspouts to insure proper drainage and less ice buildup.

·         During freezing temperatures, make sure heat is maintained in your building.

·         Any pipes that are exposed to the exterior should be checked regularly, and if possible, covered up.

·         Run warm water through your pipes during times of below freezing temperatures, especially in buildings that have limited or no occupancy.

·         If a building is not being used during the winter, shut the water off.

·         Shut off water to outside bibs and faucets at the shut-off valves.  Open the outside valve to allow remaining water to drain and detach all water hoses from the hose bib.

Buildings should be checked regularly throughout the winter.  Frequent visits can help spot a problem early before damage is done.  A small amount of attention and work now can prevent very costly damage later.

Posted: Sep 30, 2019,
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