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Posted: Sep 4, 2019

Fire Truck Photo of the Day-Toyne Tanker

Mellenville (NY) Fire District tanker. Kenworth T800 2-door 6x4 cab and chassis; Cummins X12 450-hp engine; Hale Qmax XS 1,500-gpm pump; UPF Poly 3,000-gallon water tank.

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Posted: Sep 3, 2019

Long Beach (CA) Considers Re-Opening Fire Station

Long Beach City Council vote on the city’s annual budget will determine whether a fire station will have the funds to re-open, reports Long Beach Post.

Two council members asked the City Council to approve $1.56 million to fund a temporary fire station while the city looks to build a permanent one to replace the aging building that became unusable because of mold problems.

The council members are also requesting $6.2 million in future Measure A revenue to go toward a new permanent station. The cost of building one is estimated to run between $13 million and $20 million.

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Posted: Sep 3, 2019

Shawnee (KS) Puts $1.2 Million Aerial Fire Apparatus Into Service

Shawnee Fire Department has put a $1.2 million aerial ladder truck into service, reports Shawnee Mission Post.

The truck, a custom-built 2019 Pierce Velocity tractor-drawn aerial, will be known as Ladder 71. A tractor-drawn aerial which is often called a tiller in the fire service has an articulating center which allows it to bend, much like a tractor-trailer.

Fire Chief John Mattox says the new tiller is 64 feet in overall length and carries an aerial ladder which fully extends to 107 feet.

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Posted: Sep 3, 2019

Nashville (NC) Plans for Second Fire Station

The Nashville Town Council recently voted to authorize a formal plan for creating a second fire station, reports Rocky Mount Telegram.

Documents had been submitted which outline an estimated nearly $1 million fire station and stating that a property owner is willing to donate two acres of 125 acres of land for the station.

As a result, Lansing said, the town could still get the free two acres from Rose and by the time the connector route between South Eastpointe and Oak Level is complete, the second station is already in place to serve the east side.

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Posted: Sep 3, 2019

Tuscaloosa (AL) Debuts Airport Fire Apparatus

Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue Service showed off a new $1.1 million Airport Rescue Fire Fighting Truck, reports Tuscaloosa News.


It replaces a 33-year-old piece of equipment with a truck that is state-of-the-art. One of the major upgrades on the new truck over the one it replaces is its capacity to carry water. The tank capacity for the new Emergency One manufactured truck is 3,200 gallons with an additional 445-gallon foam tank and 500 pounds of dry chemical, each of which can be dispersed trough the firefighting nozzles.

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